Friday, September 28, 2007


Baggy said...

The dome shimmers with light.....the colours are beautiful. A lovely work.

Nick said...

I like this a lot, Ruth,and also the house, Rodeo Dr., and the florist shop. All loose and free and natural, with a vibrant palette. Nothing overworked, and super-transparent. You've been doing this a while! I have a feeling you have also been looking at the work of people like Frank Francese and Ratindra Das (?).
And what a studio - man would I love to be painting in there!! (but I'd destroy the floor)
Cya 'round Bethesda! Nick
PS - went to the opening of the new VisArts center in Rockville yesterday, were you there?

Mike said...

Ruth Ann . . .these are terrific watercolors! You really have a knack for it!

As for Matt Smith's palette and brand choices, I really don't have any idea . . . thanks for coming by my blog and checking in.